Communicate and Colaborate in the Ideal Off-Site Meeting Room

Face-to-Face Meetings Matter

Every so often, it’s important that we step away from the endless online chatter and distractions, and sit down face-to-face with our team members, clients or partners, to have a meaningful conversation. In the right setting, this type of meeting can promote productive dialogue, which in turn helps to build stronger relationships and foster a positive business culture. When people feel heard and appreciated, they also feel empowered and motivated. As a result, projects can move forward and goals can be achieved.
Our thoughtfully designed, fully equipped and fully serviced meeting spaces are found in select locations across London and Tel Aviv, and are available for on-demand booking either per day or by the hour, all at affordable prices.
We would be happy to host your next off-site meeting or company event – be it a training program, brainstorming session, workshop, employee evaluation, candidate interview, team building activity, or any other business-related encounter.

Fully Equipped Conference & Meeting Rooms

There is so much to consider when it comes to holding a productive business meeting. Agendas, presentations, attendees, the decisions that need to be made, and the issues that need to be solved. We can cross one thing off your list by providing a physical location with everything you might need for your next meeting.

We offer:

Mask & hand<br>sanitizers
Mask & hand
Purple tag<br>approved
Purple tag
Video conferencing<br> facilities
Video conferencing
Individual coffee<br>machines
Individual coffee
Still and sparkling<br>water in each room
Still and sparkling
water in each room
Hourly / Daily<br>rates
Hourly / Daily
Rooms cleaned<br>after every meeting
Rooms cleaned
after every meeting
2 hours<br>cancelation policy
2 hours
cancelation policy

Our industry-leading meeting spaces have all your needs covered, allowing you to focus solely on holding a productive, positive meeting.

Meeting Rooms for Every Need

The ideal meeting room is one that caters to the number of participants and the purpose of the meeting. As such, we offer both classic and large conference rooms equipped with everything needed for long stretches of important meetings and negotiations. We also offer small and large salon-style meeting spaces with seating options that are versatile enough to be used for informal, creative lounging.
what's more

What’s more, you also have the option to move between rooms during the day in one of our multi-meeting room venues – sometimes even the slightest change in atmosphere can bring about fresh ideas.

In each of our spaces, we’ve carefully considered every design element, including the sound isolation that ensures all participants are easily heard, and the ergonomically designed chairs which keep people comfortable and eliminates the need for stretching and straining during lengthy meetings.

The Power of Off-Site Meetings

Holding a meeting in a carefully considered and planned off-site location helps participants become more engaged, creative, focused and even more amiable towards one another. This in turn leads to better concentration, effective brainstorming and fruitful discussions.

Overall, investing in off-site meetings shows your team and your partners that their ideas and input are valued and taken seriously by the organization.

The Power of Off-Site Meetings

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