Make Sure You Cover the Details When You Choose A Meeting Room

You can take a bird's eye view of what you need in a conference room by first ensuring that the hotel or conference center is in a convenient, centrally located area during the early planning stage. Although this is not a hard-fast rule, it helps encourage potential participants to attend your meeting rather than not showing due to transportation issues. If you are searching for an office by the hour or meeting rooms for rent, make sure those meeting rooms are relatively easy to get to in terms of city travel and parking.

Next, you can begin looking at the details of the room itself. Naturally, you should give serious thought to room size. Crowded conditions can have a very negative effect on the attendees. People think better and communicate more openly with each other when they are relaxed and have a bit of personal space.

How Much should I pay when I rent a meeting room?

Now you can consider the budget, which is an important factor when trying to determine if a meeting room meets your needs. You should also give serious thought to what’s included in the agreed amount. Is coffee and/or tea service additional? Is water included, and on each table? Are there hidden fees you’ll need to ask about? You should also inquire whether there are other major events occurring on the same date or dates.

When you receive a list of the facilities and amenities included with your conference rooms for rent, make sure you cover all the details. Don’t depend on finding a whiteboard or projector at the last minute. What type of sound system will you be working with? If you’re planning your conference for a small group, which is recommended, take good notes and write down ideas for each person. Try to get a mental picture of a meeting you attended, and think of the details that were missing if any.

Don’t just assume your meeting room is confirmed. Get the confirmation in writing or print a confirmation page from your computer. Even after you’ve checked the details on this sheet, make sure you contact the conference/booking manager at the venue to verbally confirm your dates and arrangements. As you get closer to the date, you should make personal plans to be there early, make sure the room is easy to find, and that the people attending will have directional signs to follow.

Choose A Meeting Room

Electrical Power

One important factor you need to consider is whether there is sufficient electrical power and that the equipment is in place ahead of time. Will those in attendance have access to Wi-Fi in your meeting rooms? Will they be taking notes on paper with pens that are provided? These are some of the details you should discuss with your venue contact person.

It’s also important to make sure the room temperature is easily controlled. Don’t depend on someone from the hotel or venue to handle such a task. Ask if it’s something for which you can be responsible. As with any project, planning and paying attention to details will ensure your private meeting rooms are perfect for the group and the goals you’ve set.