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Rent Office Space and Meeting Rooms Hourly in NYC

Large organizations, medium sized companies and freelancers all enjoy the benefits of renting office space by the hour in NYC at Meet in Place’s three sites. Our hourly meeting rooms in NYC have been designed with productivity in mind. Our rooms are easy to book, for the length of time you need them, and if necessary you can always add extra hours. We will set the space up to serve your needs.

From their easy to reach locations to the up-to-date tech that’s found in every one of our rooms, through to the excellent coffee, our full service hourly rental space in NYC is exactly what you need in a meeting room away from the office.

Convenient Hourly Office Space Rental in NYC

Meet in Place offers a choice of hourly office space rentals to suit your needs. Our devoted team will help you with all the details.


Forget monthly subscriptions or long-term commitments. Our meeting rooms are available 16 hours a day and can be booked up to 30 minutes in advance for one hour to a few days.
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