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Meet In Place Ltd. Privacy Policy

Your Order

 To process your order, we must use the information you provide, such as your name, address, phone number, email, etc.
This information may also be transferred to security or credit check companies, or to any other government entity if so ordered by a court of law, all as needed or as required by law.

Meet in Place Ltd. reserves the right to disclose any of your personal information contained on the website without obtaining your consent or permission, if the company believes in good faith that this action is required to 1) comply with any legal requirements or any legal proceeding; 2) protect the rights or property of the company or of any of the content providers; 3) enforce the terms of use; 4) protect the best interests of company customers; and 5) in certain cases of emergency.

You are entitled to receive a copy of your personal information which is in our possession. Should you want to view it, please contact us at –

Cookie Files and Identification Numbers

When you first visit our website, you receive a cookie file and your computer is assigned an identification number. A cookie file is a common device for storing information related to the website in the storage space located on your computer. Our cookie files contain no personal identifying information. We use cookie files to monitor your activity patterns on our website and enhance your browsing experience. There are three types of cookie files:

Session cookies

These temporary cookie files are used to store something referred to as the “session state”. If you consider your browsing session on our website as a conversation you are having with us, cookie files are the device used to remind the website we had already talked before. These files are required for the website to function properly, but they are not used in any shape, way or form as a means for personally identifying you.


Permanent cookies

These files save numbers on your hard drive. If you want, you may view them by accessing the cookie download directory on your web browser. They are saved for a long time, and each time you enter our website your computer sends us a copy of these files. We use them to identify you each time you visit our website. They are not required for the website to function properly; however, they may improve your user experience. We do not store any personal information in these files, but only a unique number that allows us to identify you.


Third-party cookies

We use third-party cookies in order to track and understand better the use of our website by our customers. From time to time, these third parties may send cookie files to your computer. We have no control over this. Even though session cookies cannot be blocked, since they are required for the proper operation of our website, you have the option to configure your browser settings so that it blocks both permanent cookie files and third-party cookie files. The manner of doing so depends on the type of web browser you are using (for instance: Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) Therefore, we cannot offer here any practical guidance as to the manner in which these files may be blocked. Please contact the relevant manufacturer webpage for the browser you are using to receive all the information you need.


If you do not like cookie files, your web browser includes the option to block them. We do not recommend using this option, since it turns the use of our websites into a less enjoyable experience, as our websites will not be able to identify you and your preferences. Unless you reconfigure your browser settings to block cookie files, our system will send such files to your computer whenever you enter our website. A cookie file cannot retrieve information from other cookie files, nor can it retrieve any other information from any personal device or computer.


From the moment you first enter our website and receive our cookie files, your personal identification number is automatically assigned to your computer each time you visit our website again. Despite the fact you remain anonymous until you enter your personal information on the website, your personal identification number allows us to record your browsing habits so that we can offer you better assistance should you require any individual services or support. After you enter your personal information on the website, we associate your identification number to your contact details, to allow us to identify you in future visits.

We may collect and transfer to third parties (including but not limited to our advertisers and creative agencies) aggregate statistical data concerning the number and browsing patterns of our users and any other relevant information concerning the website.


How do we store your personal information?

Meet in Place is an Israeli entity. You should take into account that your data will be stored and processed in Israel, as well as in different sites outside of Israel, including at the location of the relevant site or at the location of the owner or manager of the relevant site. Additionally, your data may be processed by third parties operating outside of Israel and supplying us with various services. By providing your data through our devices and services, you agree to your data being used in the aforementioned manner in countries in which information protection laws may not be in place.


Safe purchase on a secure website

The information you provide is confidential and is stored in a safe manner.


The website is secured in accordance with the accepted protocol: Secured Sockets Layer SSL 128. This protocol is designed for encrypting information sent online and guarantees that the data sent from your computer to our website remains confidential.

Unfortunately, and notwithstanding the aforesaid, transferring information online is never completely safe. Despite the fact we employ rigorous security procedures and means, we cannot guarantee the safety of your data when it is transferred to our website.



We may use the information you provide for internal marketing purposes, such as to detect trends or measure the amount of traffic on our website.

Subject to your advance approval, we may use the information you provide in order to contact you regarding our products and services. When we send you marketing content by email or text messages sent to your phone, you will also be given the opportunity to retract your agreement to receive such content. You may also choose to not receive marketing content from us at any time, by completing the mailing list unsubscribe form.


Personal Information Relating to a Third Party

If you provide us with any information relating to a third party, you hereby declare that it is delivered to us with the knowledge and consent of the suggested users who are the subject matter of said information.


Third-Party Links

The website may provide from time to time links to or from other third-party websites or sources to which you will be granted access at your sole discretion. Please note that any such third-party website or source may collect your personal information and use it in a manner differing from our own. Meet In Place does not support or accept any responsibility whatsoever related to the data collection practices, privacy policy or content of any website which is linked on this website. If you wish to receive information concerning their privacy practices and different policies, you must contact the owners or operators of any such website directly before providing them with your personal information.