COVID-19 Policy | Meet in Place


The cleanliness and preparedness of our venues – and the health and safety of our team, guests and partners – is our number one priority. We go above and beyond to ensure we not only meet the highest standards, but also provide a sanctuary from the external commotion, allowing you to focus on your people, your goals and the future of your businesses.

Gold Standard Sanitation

We have instituted the following rigorous sanitation standards across all venues:

  • All venues are fully equipped with disinfecting wipes, soap, as well as hand sanitizers and masks in every room (in the common areas wearing masks will be required, for everyone’s safety)
  • Rooms are thoroughly cleaned after every meeting
  • Cleaning is done by a lean specially trained cleaning staff, wearing masks and equipped with the leading disinfectants and cleaning products


Procedures and Protocol


Specific procedures and protocols will be put in place to safeguard everyone’s health and safety, as well as to ensure an environment of focus and productivity without distractions.


Everyone who enters the venue:

  • Will be asked to wash and sanitize their hands
  • Will have their temperature taken (just in case)

While at the venue:

  • Every room has a coffee machine, water and sparkling water, to minimize external interactions
  • No need to visit the desk for service, either – you can contact the team either online or using our door hangers, to assist with focus and to ensure a safe environment
  • Relevant signage will remind our guests of the safety rules, for maximum precaution
  • We’re a sustainability-driven company; but given the circumstances, we deployed disposable cups as an additional precautionary measure
  • Our venues are going to be hygiene-controlled spaces, where anything entering the venue is carefully vetted to ensure the health and safety of our guests and team.


Space and Privacy

We strive to ensure that meetings stay small, spacious and safe. This means:

More room for less people. We will allow smaller groups of people to use our larger rooms, to ensure sufficient space between individuals.

Our venues are all on a separate floor, and all on the first floor. You can use the staircase to reach your room with minimal exposure to other people in the building.

Our rooms can be closed hermetically, allowing the team to remain secluded from other meetings taking place in the venue.

We limit the number of people in the venue, according to the latest regulations.

In addition to the highest levels of cleaning and hygiene, Meet in Place venues are designed to ensure privacy, quiet and focus – which fit with regulations and best practice for social distancing and avoiding unnecessary contact.


Conference Call Amenities

All venues include fully-equipped meeting rooms with full conference call and video capabilities.

The plug-and-play setup assures a best-in-class audio and video communication experience. Integration with all major conference call providers and platforms ensures the avoidance of tech-related difficulties, and the Meet in Place team is on hand to assist with any special requirements in this regard.

All of these amenities are sanitised regularly, including after every meeting.


Food & Beverage Policies

Our venues are going to be hygiene-controlled spaces, where anything entering the venue is carefully vetted to ensure the health and safety of our guests and team.

In order to assist with this policy:

  • Outside food is allowed
  • Catered food will be provided in personalized pre-wrapped packages
  • As mentioned, recyclable paper plates and cups will be offered


Massive Discounts, Flexible Package Deals And A 2-Hour Cancellation Policy

Meet in Place is here for its clients and partners. Given the current situation, special packages and discounts are available on all bookings. Contact an experience manager to learn more and activate your discount.

Second, to ease decision making and considering the volatile situation, we updated our cancellation policy. You’re now able to cancel up to 2 hours prior to the meeting and receive full credit with no cancellation fee.

Last but not least, with new WFH routines and an increased need to meet clients and rebuild pipelines – we're here to compile the best package deals to meet your needs. Whether it's a one-time sales event or an ongoing new stay-in-touch routine, we can build a package that suits your specific requirements, to get your team up and running as quickly and seamlessly as possible.