Yuval Golan
Future Technology
"I’m impressed with the fine design. Ideal location on Rothschild Blvd., great for hosting customers. Both classic meeting rooms and salons – I love the variety. Fair pricing and high service standard, just like we treat our customers."
Dan Ariely
Professor / Author
"It's wonderful to have a place for meetings of all sizes, but I think the important thing with a meeting is that you come to a new place you don't know very well and the question is - Do you and your guests feel at home? One of the magical things that were successful at Meet in Place is that they've been able to make us feel welcome and at home. Where I host a meeting and the people I'm hosting feel like we're part of a meeting as if it's in my personal space."
Daniel Birnbaum
"We have regularly used Meet in Place from its first day. As a company based outside of the city, this answers our need for off-site meetings, customer meetings and seminar days. Beautiful, inspirational design!"
David Kennedy
"When I first heard about Meet in Place I understood the concept, finding out about co-meeting space was interesting to me. You can find the spaces online, it's not a membership or subscription based program. It's incredibly warm, great design, great amenities. It's a fantastic space."
Adi Yofe
Business Futurist
"A new concept that speaks the trend of minimal commitment and allows renting meeting rooms by the hour. And looks just right! Great for everyone like me, who can’t meet in cafes anymore!"
Roy Povarchik
Roy Povarchik
CEO & Founder
"I've been using Meet in Place for over two years. From keeping my team's work fresh with off-site brainstorming meetings to pitching big clients and running training sessions- We use Meet in Place for it all"