Office by the hour

Office by the Hour? Arrange for Great Location and Provided Services

If there is an essential reason for renting an office on a temporary basis, you can summarize it in one word: convenience. However, you need to keep in mind that you’re making these special arrangements for the convenience of the client, not for you.

When is it worthwhile to rent an office?

You rent an office by the hour when your everyday location is far from an important client. However, you can enhance your chances of success by arranging private meeting rooms in a desirable building in an attractive location. Even if the cost is a bit more than you had planned, you cannot ignore this investment.

office by the hour

What Are You “Buying”?

Suppose you’ve decided it’s time to rent this temporary space, but you haven’t made a final decision on how much to spend. Or, you’ve narrowed your choices to two possible sites and have to make the decision right away. What factors are the most important? One way to decide is to make a choice between an office with a desk and one with a meeting room. In some cases, you can work quite well with a well-appointed conference room for rent if the client understands this is not your usual space.

If you absolutely need an office to make the presentation, you’ll first need to look at such details as size and furnishings. When you choose your meeting room, it’s important to know which services are included or can be available by special arrangement. As you conduct your business by the hour, will you have assistance to handle the mail and answer phone calls? When your client walks into the lobby or reception area, will a professional receptionist be available? Are support tasks such as copying and scanning available? What about administrative and IT support?

In many situations, you can select a package deal allowing you a set number of hours in a week or a month. Your building owner or host will let you know if these hours are guaranteed to be available when you need them, or if you must provide advanced notice. You can get most of the information by e-mail. If you decide to cancel, you’ll probably have to give at least 24-hour notice. It’s generally more cost-efficient to arrange a package plan, as the price-per-hour will cost much less.

Days, Hours Available

The main question is how long this space will act as a true working office for you. Companies and individuals who have previously not rented by the hour should also make sure they confirm which days and hours the office will be available. Will you have access on weekends if the client requires this schedule? Will you be able to meet with clients after “normal” business hours? If so, is there an additional cost for overtime? Will you be able to continue doing business if your meeting or discussion continues after the building closes? In addition to the location and general design of e facilities, make sure you understand what is and what is not included to ensure you conduct your business efficiently.